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(By Randy Glasbergen)


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  • 5 If you can be good, be careful.

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Q: ICU? A: Peek-a-boo.

Otisosis (oh tis oh' sis) - n. The inability to meet anyone else's eyes in an elevator.

Senior Citizens smile all the time because they can't hear a thing you're saying.


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Daily Definition

WRISTWATCH: (n) That device on your arm that lets you know which class you're currently late for.




Daily Factoids

The only real person to be a Pez head was Betsy Ross.

Each year, steel recycling saves the energy equivalent to electrically power about one-fifth of the households in the United States (or about 18 million homes) for one year.

Bruce Lee was so fast that they actually had to s-l-o-w film down so you could see his moves. That's the opposite of the norm.


Daily Quickies

Matz's warning: - Beware of the physician who is great at getting out of trouble.

A computer is owned by a West Virginian if the extra RAM slots have Dodge truck parts installed in them.

Log on - Make the wood stove hotter.