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(By Randy Glasbergen)


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  • 5 Anger can be an expensive luxury.

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You can always get a job in international affairs because 90% of everything happens in a foreign country.

NETWORK - Scoop'n up a big fish before it breaks the line

"The leadership of the privileged has passed away; but it has not been succeeded by the leadership of the eminent. We have entered the region of mass effects."


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5 Odi, vedi, tace, seu voi viver in pace. Italian.

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Q: ABSTAINER? A: A weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.

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5 Prefrd is a work in progress and still under construction in many categories. These will be finished one at a time as time and funding permit. Keep you eye on the one(s) you like and suddenly, presto, one day there it will be.

Daily Definition

Bennett's Laws of Horticulture: There is no such thing as a houseplant.




Daily Factoids

If we consider the earth as a whole, we find that the area covered by present-day ice sheets is over one-third that covered during the greatest extension of the last North American glaciation. The total volume of ice is harder to estimate,

'Stewardesses' is the longest word that can be typed with only the left hand.

On average people fear spiders more than they do death.


Daily Quickies

Varicose veins---------Veins which are very close together.

Make your mark in the world, or at least spray in every corner.

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