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(By Randy Glasbergen)


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  • 5 All things come to those who wait.

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Why are the obituaries found in the "living" section of the newspaper?

Broker: What my broker has made me.

Bazookacidal Tendencies (bah zew' kuh sy dal ten' den seez) - n. The overwhelming desire of most individuals to reach out and pop the gigantic gum bubble billowing from someone's mouth.


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Maine computer term - Home Page - map you keep in your back pocket in case you get lost in the woods.



The Intelligent Design of Creation

The Design in its entirety consists only of a circle, cube, and straight lines, but by it all of Creation has been expressed... Click on image for details.

Daily Quip

When an actor comes to me and wants to discuss his character, I say, 'It's in the script.' If he says, 'But what's my motivation?, ' I say, 'Your salary.' -- Alfred Hitchcock



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5 A prudent man does not make a goat his room mate.

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While ears need to be cleaned regularly, this is a job that should be done in private using one's OWN truck keys.

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5 You can convert the search results into any one of 58 different languages, a unique Prefrd feature and destined to quickly make Prefrd one the most popular players on the World Internet scene.

Daily Definition

Glamp (glamp) - n. The telescopic device used to retrieve golf balls from ponds.




Daily Factoids

On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily!

More germs are transferred shaking hands than kissing.

The combined length of the roots of a Finnish pine tree is over 30 miles.


Daily Quickies

PRO BOZO PUBLICO -- Support your local clown.

A lady wrote to an advice column in a newspaper: 'I have been engaged to a man for some time, but just before the wedding, I find he has a wooden leg. Do you think I should break it off?'

Spectroscope: A disgusting-looking instrument used by medical specialists to probe and examine the spectrum.